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Grandchildren of Alzheimer's Grandparents

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Grandchildren of Alzheimer's Grandparents

As aging people begin to develop symptoms of Alzheimer's, family members become alarmed and concerned. Adult children start making caregiving provisions, while extended family members spend quality time with the elder to preserve happy memories. Grandchildren should also be brought into the family loop at this time. Depending on age, they might wonder why Grandpa doesn't remember who they are or why Grandma often forgets their names. The following can help to keep grandchildren actively involved with senior loved ones with Alzheimer's.

Frequent contact.

Face-to-face visits are best so family members can share hugs and kisses with their aging relative. Facial gestures and body language can help, too. But when physical visits are not practical, webcams and phone calls are also special. Regular contact will extend the relationship between grandparent and grandchildren so that lucid moments can be shared and enjoyed.

Audio and video recordings.

Sharing audio tracks or family videos can help to maintain communication between grandparent and grandchildren over time. Recorded childhood recitals or family get-togethers can awaken dormant memories from years gone by. Some aged people have better long-term than short-term memories, so seeing faces from the past and hearing familiar voices often touch their hearts.

Familiar mementos.

Past photos, stuffed animals, and memorable keepsakes become points of focus to someone with a memory that is fading. Being able to hold a book that was once read to a toddler or cuddle a toy shared in earlier years can revive distant memories that are tied to fond memories in the heart.

Special gifts.

Bringing or sending a meaningful gift based on the grandchild's hobby, such as a wood-carved birdhouse that can be placed outside the window for daily viewing or a picture drawn by an artistic grandchild that can be hung on the wall, is a wonderful way to foster frequent memory connections between sender and receiver.

Minimal efforts like these can build a lasting bond between generations, including those with Alzheimer's.

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