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Adult Children with Incontinence Issues

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Adult Children with Incontinence Issues

Incontinence can be an unpleasant and embarrassing issue for any adult. However, there are products that assist in making this medical issue a little less unbearable. Advances in adult diapers, incontinence liners, underpads, perineal wipes, and other perineal wash products can be a huge help when trying to cope with these accidents.

Adult Diapers

There are currently several different types of adult diapers on the market. Some with plastic backing and some with cloth backing. Some are standard diapers with taped sides, while others are pull-ups that slide on like underwear. They come in a range of sizes from extra small to extra, extra large. Additionally, they come in a range of absorbency levels from regular absorbency to heavy absorbency. Many companies, like Depends or Prevail, offer samples of diapers and pull-ups, so that you can choose the correct size, type, and absorbency level for your incontinence needs. Diapers and pull-ups are typically used for those who have bladder and bowel incontinence.

Incontinence Liners

Incontinence liners are a lot like their menstrual counterparts, pantiliners, and maxi pads. They come in a range of sizes and absorbency levels. You place them directly in your underwear for minor bladder incontinence issues. They can also be used to double up a diaper or pull-up absorbency, by placing the liner directly into the base of a diaper or pull-up. They even make specialty liners for men called male guards that can be used the same way. Multiple companies, such as Poise, also offer samples of incontinence liner products.


Incontinence underpads, sometimes known as chucks, are a lot like a puppy training pad. You can choose from disposable underpads or washable underpads. The sole purpose of the underpad is to protect the surface that the person with incontinence is sitting or laying on. They can be used on beds, sofas, or chairs; even car seats can benefit from them. They come in a variety of absorbency levels and are essential for those who leak through their current incontinence protection.

Perineal Wipes & Products

The most common problem associated with incontinence is frequent urinary tract or bladder infections from improper use of other incontinence products. To ensure that your loved one does not have to deal with painful infections, perineal wipes can be used to clean the genital area after changing their dirty incontinence products, much like baby wipes for children. Additionally, other personal care products such as perineal wash can be used outside of the shower or bathtub to ensure that the genital area stays clean while using incontinence products.


There are many caregiver support groups throughout the United States. Though many are geared towards the care of senior citizens, they are still helpful as seniors are typically going through the same incontinence issues that your adult child is going through. In order to find support groups in your area, contact your local senior center, National Parkinson's Foundation, United Way, or Area Agency on Aging.

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