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How To Talk To Your Loved One About Incontinence

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How To Talk To Your Loved One About Incontinence

Your mother has been living with you for a few months, and you have noticed a number of alarming changes. She has been more forgetful, and struggles to remember simple details. She becomes angry when you ask her is she is alright, or point out potentially dangerous mistakes (such as leaving the stove on). Now, you have noticed she has been wetting her bed at night.

This is a sad and common symptom of Alzheimer's. It is also one that is frequently ignored due to being such a sensitive and uncomfortable topic.
If your loved one has been experiencing incontinence, you need to sit down and have a conversation about adult incontinence products.

How To Bring Up The Embarrassing Subject

There is no way to address the problem without making your loved one feel humiliated to some degree. They may even become angry. The best method of reaching them is to remain calm, reassuring them that it isn't their fault, nor is it unusual given their condition.

Tell them that there are products that can help them, and in the beginning of course they can have all the control they like over it. You are there to help if they need to, but as long as they are lucid you will remain supportive of their independence.

Finding a discreet way to purchase the incontinence products will help your loved one cope more easily. Consider buying items online, and having them delivered to your home.
Search for discreet items, such as those that can be worn without leaving padding or lines under clothing. Search for waterproof undergarments that may also be worn, if they choose.

Don't Let Yourself Be Uncomfortable

If you seem confident and assured, they will be more relaxed. Knowing that you don't see them as a burden, or the incontinence something they should be embarrassed about, may help them deal with it with less stress.

Just be loving, understanding, and straight forward. Over time, as they lose the ability to care for themselves, you will have gained their trust. Which will make it easier to assist them in those tasks that in the past they might have forbidden.

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